Indoor Gardening

Starting Potatoes

Something I’ve always wondered about indoor gardening is if we could do root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, onions, etc. indoors and it still be worth it. How much produce can one get from a few potato plants? Is the juice worth the squeeze when it comes to root veggies? We’re about to find out… Find… Continue reading Starting Potatoes

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Vermicomposting Indoors!

Good evening! This past weekend I finally harvested the product of a vermicompost that I started a few months ago and was able to get 3.5 lbs. worth of worm casings! This was very exciting for us since this is one experiment I was a little unsure about, especially doing it all indoors. I am… Continue reading Vermicomposting Indoors!

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Growing Citrus Indoors

It might have been when I came home with a 1 gallon Meyer Lemon tree that my S.O. started to realize we were in deep when it came to indoor gardening… but by that time it was too late. That tree was our first deviation from the common indoor houseplant and despite my repeated attempts… Continue reading Growing Citrus Indoors

Denali Update

Updates Galore!

Good evening everyone! Exciting things are happening over here, as you can see I have a new blog format and a new website,! As I’ve gone through blogging about my Titan Arum, Denali, I kept feeling like I wanted to share other gardening success and challenges I’ve had with you. This new format will… Continue reading Updates Galore!