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Baker Creek Spring Planting Festival

Hello everyone! First, I apologize for not getting a post up last week, we’ve been out of town and things have been a little hectic. One of the places we went to this past week was the 16th Annual Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Spring Planting Festival! (say that ten times fast) For those who are… Continue reading Baker Creek Spring Planting Festival

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Indoor Pest Control

Pests and plant disease are always the bane of any gardener’s existence. Trying to control pests and disease in an indoor garden can be particularly challenging, given that it is also your home and the environment you and your family directly live in. Normal chemicals and sprays won’t work for fear of poisoning the air… Continue reading Indoor Pest Control

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Growing Citrus Indoors

It might have been when I came home with a 1 gallon Meyer Lemon tree that my S.O. started to realize we were in deep when it came to indoor gardening… but by that time it was too late. That tree was our first deviation from the common indoor houseplant and despite my repeated attempts… Continue reading Growing Citrus Indoors