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Potatoes and Denali Updates + Seeds!

Potato Updates:

When last we (you) saw the potatoes they were just over the height of the storage container I had them in.


April 6


Well they continued growing… and growing… and growing… until they were falling over and really leggy. We finally swirled them around each other on top of the container full of soil and let them be. Fast forward a few weeks and the plants we’re all dead so I left them in the soil a bit longer and then this weekend decided to dump out the container and see if we had any potatoes.

Drum roll please…. no potatoes. 😦 None, zip, zilch. I did find the skins from some of the seed potatoes, but yea no potatoes had actually grown.

I am not discouraged however! I would like to try again with some modifications.

  • I think my container was too short, I think I’ll try more of a trash can type shape
  • The seed potatoes I got were from a popular box store so who knows how good those were. I will order some from Baker Creek and see if I can’t get better results.
  • Originally I had them under a weaker grow light so I think that’s what caused them to get leggy, but never actually bloom. I will try one of the stronger grow lights I have and see if that doesn’t do better.
  • I will also pay more attention to the soil and drainage. I know potatoes don’t like to drown and while I don’t think I over-watered; I will get a container with drainage the second time around. I’ll also pay more attention to the potting soil. I just used some average potting mix and I’m not sure they like that.

You win some, you loose some, and this time I lost. I’m not worried though, that’s part of the fun of gardening and trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment!



Denali Update:

Something that is doing well is my Titan Arum named Denali. (Popularly known as a Corpse Flower) I posted about her a little over a month ago when she had a second leaf growing. That leaf has since taken over the original one and is now completely unfurled. The second leaf is about 3 ft. tall so I had to raise up the light in the green house… if it gets any taller it will outgrow the greenhouse! So far the original leaf is standing strong but you can definitely see a size difference between the first and second leaf, as well as a difference in thickness. I’m so excited; she seems to be doing well!



Seed Giveaway!

For those that missed my weekend post, I am currently doing a seed giveaway! Check out this post to get the details on how to enter. In the mean time the first shipment of seeds went out today so if you submitted a request over the weekend be on the look out! Thank you to those that have already participated!



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