Denali Update

Leaf 2 Unfurling!

Exciting things are happening here at the Living Loft, the second leaf on my Amorphophallus titanum is starting to unfurl! A little background for those newer readers to my blog, this blog actually started with me acquiring an Amorphophallus titanumotherwise known as the Corpse Flower. The A. Titan is the largest inflorescence in the world and can take between 7-12 years for one bloom. This blog was originally dedicated to documenting my journey attempting to grow one of these giants, however I then decided to open the blog up to documenting the rest of my garden as well. I acquired my titan back in back in November and have managed not to kill it yet. In March a second leaf started growing and is now starting to unfurl. To give you an idea of how fast these things can grow, I measured the height of the second leaf last Wednesday, May 4 and it was 13″ tall, tonight the leaf is 16″ tall. 3″ in five days! At this stage Denali (what I call my titan) is trying to gather as much energy as possible in order to grow its corm. When the corm gets big enough it will eventually bloom. (hopefully!)

For some background posts showing the arrival of Denali and more information on titans search or click on the “Denali” tag on my blog. I will post more as the leaf continues to unfurl! Stay tuned!


FullSizeRender(5)The second leaf growing; photo taken May 4.


Leaf starting to unfurl; photo taken May 9.

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